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Контрольная работа для 5 класа

Письменная контрольная работа

Аудирование (демо-версия) 5 класс


Прослушайте текст «The Fox & the Crow». И выполните задание к нему. Задание 1. Выбери окончание предложения, выражающее основную идею текста. 

The text is about:

a)      the Crow who has a piece of cheese & wants to eat it.

b)      The Fox who sees the Crow with a piece of  cheese & wants to get it.

c)      The clever Fox & the stupid Crow.

Задание 2.Выбери правильные ответы на вопросы. 

1)      Why does the Crow sit  in the tree?

a) Because she  has a rest there.   b)  Because she wants to eat  there.

c)  Because she is afraid of the Fox.

2)      What does the Crow have in her mouth?

a) a large piece of butter               b) a large piece of cheese

c) a large piece of bread

3)      Why does  the Crow  open her mouth?

a) Because  she wants to sing  for the Fox.

b) Because she wants to speak  with the  Fox.

c) Because she  starts eating cheese.


Чтение (демо-версия) 5 класс


 Задание 1. Прочитайте текст, потом отметьте верные утверждения буквой  Т - true, неверные утверждения буквой F – false.


A Japanese businessman had a big surprise last Sunday when he got the wrong bus to the airport and missed his flight.

Zenko Kajiyama, 32, went to Waverley station to catch the bus to Edinburgh airport. He had a meeting the next day in London and he wanted to catch the evening flight. When he saw a silver bus marked Club Class he got on it. Unfortunately the bus was for people going to a birthday party.

The people on the bus helped Mr Kajiyama with his bags and found him a seat. He thought he was on the right bus until they stopped at a pub and everyone got off. They asked Mr Kajiyama to join their party and so he followed them into the pub. When he looked at his watch he saw it was too late and that he had missed his plane. At first he was very worried, but then he decided to stay in the pub. He had a drink and danced to the music with the other members of the party. In the end he went back to the house of one of his new friends and he slept on the sofa. The next morning he took a taxi to the airport and flew to London, but he was too late for his meeting.


1.  Mark the sentences T (True) or F (False).

1    Mr Kajiyama wanted to catch the bus to London.

2    He wanted to go to a party in London.

3    The Club Class bus didn't go to the airport.

4    Mr Kajiyama went to the pub.

5    He didn't catch his plane.

6    In the end he enjoyed the party.

7    He slept at the airport.

 8   He didn't go to his meeting in London.


Задание 2.   Прочитай текст u выполни задание.

Last week Ann was sitting at her desk, listening to the 'teacher. Suddenly she felt awful. She had a bad headache and felt very hot. When she got home she took her temperature. It was very high. Ann went to bed and fell asleep. When her mother came home, she called the doctor. He examined Ann and asked her a lot of questions. Then he said that it was the flu. He told Ann to take some medicine three times a day and to stay in bed for four or five days. When Ann's father came home from work, he bought the medicine for her. It was not very pleasant to take it, but Ann followed the doctor's advice. Two days later she felt better. She stayed in bed for four days. On the fifth day she was well again. On the sixth day she returned to school.

Расположи следующие предложения в соответствии c содержанием текста. Занеси твои варианты ответов в таблицу.,

a)      Two days later she felt better.

b)      Ann's temperature was very high.

c)      Ann's father bought the medicine for her.

d)      She had a bad headache.

e)      On the sixth day she returned to school.

f)        The doctor examined Ann.

g)      Ann was at the lesson.

h)      Her mother came home.

i)        Ann followed the doctor's advice.

j)        Ann felt very hot.























Лексико-грамматическая часть  (демо-версия) 5 класс

Задание1.Выбери наиболее подходящий ответ.

A1. Can you play the guitar?

  1. Yes, I do.
  2. No, he can’t.
  3. Yes, she does.
  4. Yes, I can.

A2. The girls  …  dolls.

  1. have
  2. has
  3. can
  4. make

A3.  Mary …  very well.

  1. can
  2. swim
  3. hasn’t
  4. swims

A4.  The students’ books are new.

  1. Книга студента новая.
  2. У студентов есть новые книги.
  3. Книги студентов интересные.
  4. Книги студентов новые.

А5.  …   he play tennis?

  1. Has
  2. Does
  3. Do
  4. Is

A6.    They …. reading now.

  1. is
  2. do
  3. are
  4. am

A7.     We cook our meals in the …

  1. living-room
  2. bedroom
  3. bathroom
  4. kitchen

A8.      I take a …. every morning.

  1. shower
  2. lunch
  3. computer
  4. rest

A9.    When … Tom have lunch?

  1. do
  2. is
  3. does
  4. are

A10.      I usually get up  …. 7 o’clock.

  1. on
  2. in
  3. at
  4. of

Задание 2. Прочитай текст и заполни пропуски словами, выбирая правильный ответ.

We (A17) the Barkers. We are not a big family. My mother and father  ( A18)  old. They are (A19). My mum’s name is Margaret  and  ( A20) dad’s name is Harry. Dad is a doctor and mum is a school teacher. They are (A21) busy. My sister is sixteen. We (A22) two pets: a cat and a dog. My name (A23) John. I am a pupil. I am (A24) at school.


A17.    1) am                   2) is                  3) are              4) were

A18.    1) don’t               2) aren’t            3) not             4) no

A19.    1) four                 2) fourteen        3) forty           4) fourth

A20.    1) his                   2) her                3) my              4) mine

A21.    1) many               2) much            3) very            4) a lot

A22.    1) has                   2) have             3) can’t           4) don’t

A23.    1) am                    2) are               3) is                 4) was

A24.    1) well                  2) good            3) better          4) badly



Задание 3. Выбери правильный вариант

  1. He ……. to the swimming pool every Sunday.

a) went                        b) will go                     c) goes

  1. Tom usually ……… coffee, but today he ……… tea.

a) drank ….. drank      b) drinks …..is drinking           c) drinks ….will drink

  1. It ………… next week.

a) won`t rain                b) isn`t raining              c) doesn`t rain

  1. Look! She  …………. the same blouse as me.

a) wears                      b) is wearing                            c) will wear

  1. They ………… hard in the garden last Wednesday.

a) work                       b) are working                         c)  worked

  1. English school never ………… on Monday.

a) is beginning     b) began                                  c) begins

  1. I …….. you tomorrow.

a)Phone              b) will phone                            c) am phoning

  1. Come in. We …………. Dinner.

a) have                        b) are having                            c) will have

  1. She ………….several  languages.

a) speaks                     b) is speaking                          c) spoke

  1. She …………. to the theatre twice last week.

Goes               b) went                                    c) is going



Письмо (демо-версия) 5 класс

Read the notice & the  note from Laura. Complete Britan`s notes.



Every Tuesday 8 p.m.


2 April       Death on the Nile

9 April       The  Return of the King


Tickets Children: 3.50 $

Adults:  5. 00 $




Let`s go to the Film Club next week. Can you get the tickets from the college office? Remember we pay the cheaper price. I must study at home for our exam on 8 April. Thanks!

See you next Tuesday in the Coffee at 7.45 p.m, before it starts!





Film club with Laura

Day: Tuesday

Date: (1) ______________________

Name of Film: (2) ________________________

Starting time: (3) _________________________

Ticket price: (4) __________________________

Meet Laura in: (5) ________________________


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